Books may be borrowed for two months, and may be renewed provided no other member is waiting for them. Overdue books will attract a fine of 20p per book per month for Club funds.

The following is a complete list of the books in the library.

Barnard FP Casting Counter and the Counting Board. Reprint 1981.
Broome M. The Coinage of Reading (corrected manuscript)
Broome M. . Reading Industrial Exhibition
Carson R A G Mints Dies and Currency. 1971
Cribb etc. Coin Atlas. 1990
L. Munby How Much is That Worth? 1989
Porteus J Coins in History 1969
G.B. Rawlings History Coins and How To Know Them
Adrian Room Dictionary of Coin Names 1987
Reinfeld F Catalogue of the World's Most Popular Coins 1971
Bimetallic Coins on the Internet (Folder) 1997
Coins and Medals Annual 1969
Coin Year Book 1970
Coins Annual 1971
Coin Year Book 1980
Coins Market Values 1981
Coins Market Values 1982
Coins Market Values 1984
Coin Year Book 1988
Coin Year Book 1998
Coin Year Book 2000
Thomas Simon - His Life and Work
CCNB Newsletter The Treasure Act (Sept. 1997)
CCNB Newsletter Focus: Young People and Numismatics (Jan. 1998)
CCNB Newsletter Focus: Numismatic Collections in University Museums (Jan. 1999)
CCNB Newsletter Focus: Forgeries (Apr. 1999)
CCBN Newsletter 20 January 1999
CCBN Newsletter 21 April 1999

Sales Catalogues
Spink Spink Coin Auction No. 63 (inc. prices) 1988
The collection of 19th Century Tokens formed by Peter C.Cruttwell.
A group of 17th Century tokens of Norfolk
The collection of British farthings formed by Geoffrey Kay.
The Peter Petty collection.
A very important collection of Maltese coins including the Hompesch 20 scudi.
Choice European Thalers.
Central and South American coins.
Important Crusader coins of Cyprus and Rhodes.
Glendining Lockett Collection Sales Catalogues. (7 volumes of the 13) 1956-61
Glendining The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations
Part 1. W. Indies, Canada, Europe & Africa 1981

There are a large number of issues from two titles, 'Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletins' and 'Glendining Sales Catalogues'. Michael has now catalogued some of these.

Askew G Coinage of Roman Britain. 2nd. Ed. 1980
B.N.S. Coinages of Carausius & Allectus. 1985
Christie Ancient Coins 9/10/84
Auction Goodacre Collection of Byzantine Coins 22/4/1986
Fox J Roman Coins and how to collect them. 1983
Seaby BA Ltd. Roman Silver Coins Vol. 3 1969
Seaby BA Ltd. Roman Silver Coins Vol. 4 1971
Sear D Greek Coins & their Values (Europe) Vol. 1 1978
Sear D Greek Coins & their Values (Asia & Africa) Vol. 2 1979
Sear D Greek Imperial Coins and their Values 1982
Sear D Roman Coins and their Values 3rd. Ed. 1981
Sear D Byzantine Coins and their Values 1974
Stevenson S W Dictionary of Roman Coins Reprint 1964
Sutherland C H V Roman Coins 1974

Blunt and Dolley Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles:
Reading university 1969
British Museum Hoxne Hoard (leaflet) 1993
B.N.S. BNS Journals Volume 37-55 1968 to
1985 inc.
(This includes the special Vol. 42 " ... for C E Blunt")
B.N.S. BNS Journals Volume 63-67 1993 to
Coincraft Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins 1066 to date 1995
Comber & Brown Gold Coinage of Elizabeth I. 1989
Freeman M J Victorian Bronze Penny 2nd Ed. 1966
Gouby M British Bronze Penny 1986
Gouby M The British Bronze Coinage, Halfpence and Farthings 2000
Linecar & Stone English Proof and Pattern Crowns 1968
Linecar The Crown Pieces of Great Britain 1962
Linecar & Stone English Proof and Pattern Crowns 1968
Mack R P Coinage of Ancient Britain 3rd. Ed. 1975
Mackay James A History of Modern English Coinage Henry VII to Elizabeth II 1984
Marsh M The Gold Sovereign 1980
Marsh M The Gold Half Sovereign 1982
North J J English Hammered Coinage Vol. 1 1963
North J J English Hammered Coinage Vol. 2 1960
North J J Some Imitations and Forgeries of the English and Irish Long
Cross Pence of Henry III (BNJ Reprint)
Peck C W English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 2nd. Ed. 1964
Seaby P Story of British Coinage 1985
Seaby B A Ltd. Standard Catalogue of British Coins.
England 27th Ed. 1992
Seaby B A Ltd. Standard Catalogue of British Coins.
England 33rd Ed. 1998
Seaby B A Ltd. Coins of Ireland 1970
Seaby B A Ltd. Coins of Scotland 1972
Seaby and Rayner English Silver Coinage from 1649 3rd. Ed. 1968

Broome M A Handbook of Islamic Coins (Donated 1/96) 1985
Broome M The 1780 Restrike Thalers of Maria Theresa (Donated 3/95) 1972
Broome M A Florentine Restrike Thaler 1979
Broome M The Silver Coins of Baybars I without Mint Name 1979
Broome M The Spread of Mints under the Selcuks of Rum 1986
Broome M Countermarked Islamic Gold Coins in Venetian Cyprus 1997
Broome M Reading Museum and its Numismatic Collection
Craig W Coins of the World 1750-1850 2nd. Ed. 1971
Christie Auction French Gold Coins 6/10/87
Friedberg R Gold Coins of the World 2nd. Ed. 1965
Grierson P Coins of Medieval Europe 1991
Krause & Mishler Standard Catalogue of World Coins 17th Ed. 1991
Krause & Mishler World Coins 1701-1800 1994
Krause C L Standard Catalogue of
20th Century World Coins 1981
Linecar H.W.A. British Commonwealth Coinage 1958
Yeoman R.S. A Guide Book of United States Coins 1989

Baldwin Commemorative Medals 1995
Dorling & Guille Ribbons and Medals 1960
Eimer C British Commemorative Medals and their Values 1987
Edward Hawkins Medallic Illustration of British History (2 vol.)
Joslin E C Spink's Catalogue of British Orders,
Decorations & Medals 1983
Earl of Sandwich British and Foreign Medals Relating to Naval and Maritime Matters
Spink Medallic Illustrations of British History Vol 1&2 1978
Whiting J R S Commemorative Medals 1972
Commemoratve Medals 1500 to date

Paper Money
Angus I Paper Money 1974
Beresiner Y Collecter's Guide to Paper Money 1977
Pick A Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money 3rd. Ed. 1980
Shaw D Pictorial Guide to Cheque Collecting 1985
Bryce Tokens, Tickets, Checks, Medals &Medalettes relating to the
Tobacco Industry. A Preliminary Study. 1997
Dalton & Hamer Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century 2nd Ed. 1977
Seaby B A Ltd. British Tokens & their Values 1970
Schwer S E Price Guide to 18th Century Tokens 1983

British Museum Coins of the Jews
British Museum Coins of Biblical Days
Seaby B A Ltd. Scottish Gold Coins

Coin Club Newsletters

Dave has collated and bound copies of the Clubs Newsletter, back to 1967! There are three folders in all and they provide a fascinating History of the Club almost from its inception. There are also some copies of the Club magazine (The Escallop) from Summer and Autummn/Winter 1972.

Recent additions

Michael 8-Jan-2001