The Club was formed on 6th May 1964 for the purpose of promoting the study, collection and disposal of coins and medals. Monthly meetings at first were held in the residences of the various members, nine being present at the Club's inauguration. Since those days, the Club has grown to be one of the largest in the country and we now enjoy the excellent facilities offered by theAbbey Baptist Church (RG1 3BE) in Abbey Square, Reading.

Monthly meetings are held eleven times a year on the first Monday and many subjects of numismatic interest are covered with talks by prominent experts, dealers and members of our own society.These cover every aspect of coins and medals and their history.In addition, members have every chance to compare notes on their coins, buy and sell from memberís tables, or chat about them over a cup of coffee.Other features of our yearly calendar are our Summer Social, auction and coin fairs.

Meetings usually commence at 7.00 and members are kept up to date with Club news and informed of any additional activities such as visits by a monthly newsletter.The Club belongs to the British Association of Numismatic Societies and we all have the opportunity of participating in this organisation

Membership of a club such as ours is of great benefit to the beginner as it enables him (or her) to learn more by rubbing shoulders with the more experienced collectors and may also encourage them to research their collections and thereby obtain greater pleasure from their hobby.Our growing library, from which members may borrow books free of charge, covering most areas of the numismatic field, will be of invaluable assistance.

Subscriptions are currently £20 for a year, collected at the June meeting (the AGM) including a year's tea and biscuits at meetings.

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