Reading Coin Club Programme





Monday 3 July

Monday 8 January

The 20C Pound

Short Talks

By Alastair Mackay

Club Members




Monday 5 February

Summer Social

The Bourton-on-the-Water Hoard from the ‘Money Ground’


By Joshua Macrow-Wood



Monday 4 September

Monday 4 March

Iron Age Coins from Britain go Digital

Club Auction

By Dr. Courtney Nimura

For Club members only



Monday 2 October

Monday 8 April

Oxford Mint Halfcrowns 1642-46

Devon Pub Tokens

By Maurice Bull

By Neil Beaton



Monday 13 November

Monday 18 May

Tokens and Medallions of the Monneron Brothers

60th Anniversary Celebration

By Mick Martin



Monday 4 December

Monday 3 June

Winter Bourse and Member's Evening

The AGM and Display Competition