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National Institutions

The Royal Mint

British Association of Numismatic Societies

Royal Numismatic Society

British Numismatic Society

Other interesting links

Tony Clayton has a site giving information on UK coins, including prices.

The site for the World Bi-Metallic coin collectors

An interesting site from the US. thanks to the after school mentor Veronica Taylor.

Dealers at our club

Michael Coins is a coin dealer and past Chairman of the club and has produced books on the British Bronze series.

Ben Prince specialises in Ancient, Britsh Hammered and Shipwreck coins.

Derek Allen specialises in UK coinage and has a published book on grading.

Graham Kirby deals mainly in UK and Roman coinage, phone on 01865 371494 or e-mail

Ian Pratt deals mainly in UK from 1649 to 2010, phone on 01932-336945 or 07753-607512 or e-mail ian