1. Purpose
  2. The club is formed for the purpose of promoting the study, collection and disposal of coins and medals.

  3. Composition
  4. The club is composed of members and junior members.

  5. Membership
    1. A member is any person present at the Inaugural Meeting held on May 6th. 1964, or who has been subsequently elected to membership as hereinafter described.
    2. A junior member is any person described in paragraph 3a who is under 18 years of age or who is in full time attendance at a place of study and pays the reduced dues as laid down in paragraph 7.
  6. Committee
    1. The business of the club is normally carried out by a committee, which shall consist of the Chairman, the hon. secretary, the hon. treasurer and two other members.
    2. The committee may co-opt any other persons to assist them but such co-opted persons shall not be entitled to vote on matters in dispute.
    3. A quorum of three committee members is necessary in order to conduct a meeting and all matters referred to the committee shall be decided at a meeting by a majority vote.
  7. Annual General Meeting
    1. A general meeting of all members shall be held each year in order that the officers and committee members be elected and that the general policy of the club be discussed.
    2. Any two members may propose an item for discussion at the meeting providing fourteen days clear notice of the proposal is given to the hon. secretary.
  8. Elections
    1. Applicants for membership must be approved by the committee. Such applicants will be considered as elected members (or junior members as the case may be) as soon as the proper dues have been paid.
    2. Officers and committee members shall be members. They shall be elected by the members present on a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve until the succeeding AGM when they shall retire.
    3. No member shall serve on the committee more than three successive times unless this rule is temporarily negated by a two thirds majority of the members present at the AGM.
    4. In any case no member shall serve on the committee more than five years in any seven years.
  9. Dues
    1. The dues shall be decided by the committee but shall not be less than 1 p.a. for members. Junior members shall pay half the sum due from members.
    2. Dues are payable on election and subsequently at the AGM.
    3. Members and junior members whose dues have not been paid by three months after the AGM shall be considered to have resigned.
  10. Resignation
  11. Any member may be required to resign his membership at any time by the committee subject to the quorum for this matter being five. Any such member may elect to state his case at the following AGM and may be reinstated if this is approved by a two thirds majority of the members present.

  12. Extraordinary General Meeting
  13. Any ten members may require the holding of an Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss and vote upon any matter of urgency. This requirement must be made in writing to the hon. secretary at least six weeks before the date of any such meeting.

    This constitution was unanimously agreed at the first Annual General Meeting on the 5th June 1964 by the members present.

    Added by special resolution passed at the Annual General Meeting held on the 10th June1968: -

  14. President and Vice-Presidents
    1. The position of President of the club and not more than three positions of Vice-President are created.
    2. Persons eligible for election to these positions shall either be previous committee members or shall have helped the club in some outstanding capacity.
    3. The President and Vice-Presidents will not normally sit on the committee but otherwise will be considered an officer of the club.
    4. Nominations for President and Vice-Presidents must be made unanimously by the committee.