March 24th 2023.

Next club meeting Monday 3rd April 2023.

Subject – Collecting Coins in a Digital Age By Christopher Collects

Monday 15th May 2023

TBC By Michael Gouby

Monday 5th June 2022.

·         Annual General Meeting and Display Competition

 Meetings are held at the Abbey Baptist Church, Abbey Square, commencing at 7.00 p.m.



Christopher Collects is a new type of coin collector who uses Social Media as part of his hobby. He was so successful he was offered a job working for the Britannia Coin Company. We are expecting that some of Christopher’s ‘followers’ on YouTube (up to 75,000 of them 😊) may turn up at the April meeting. Please point them at either me, Peter or Jawaid.

It is also getting close to the Annual General Meeting, when the committee is chosen by the members. Please consider joining the committee as we need new blood desperately.


March Meeting

This was the annual club auction. Highlights from the auction included a 1933 Wreath Crown and a 1997 set of Royal Mint Britannias that sold for a hammer price of £185 and £200 respectively. Sixteen different members purchased at least one item, from the ten vendors who put in lots and there were six lots of £100 or over.


In total, the sale totalled £2,480 raising £331-70 for the club. Thank you to all the people who helped the auction to run like clockwork, especially Martin, Ian, Jawaid, Peter, James and Henry.


Future Events.


Past Events

·         30 years ago – “Medieval Jetons” – G. Berry

·         40 years ago – “Coin Portraits of Imperial Rome” – Dr. I Carradice

·         50 years ago – “7th century Arab coinage, including Persia and Byzantium’ - Dr P Whiting

Club Secretary.