December 19th 2021.

Next club meeting Monday 10th January 2022.

Be aware that if the situation with omicron worsens, this may be a ‘zoom’ meeting as may future meetings.



·      John asked for volunteers for short talks by members for the January 2022 meeting. Four volunteers put their names forward but more are sought. If interested please contact the Hon Secretary.

·      Please continue thinking about Auction lots for March. All lots should be given to Ian, preferably at the January meeting or the February meeting at the very latest.

·      Apologies were received from John, Michael and Tony.


December Meeting

The Club meeting in December was a members evening: buying and selling, a buffet supper, a quiz, and presentations by members about interesting coins.


The buffet supper was organised once again by Henry and was much appreciated by the 20 or so members attending the meeting. There were five displays this year.


John’s display was a set of Irish coins from 1928. For background, he described how whilst acquiring his collection, he upgraded his coins leaving him with many duplicates (problem one!). There was also a glut of ‘special’ birthdays amongst family and friends (problem two!). An idea occurred to solve both of these – create year sets and gift them as presents!

This particular set was put together for John’s uncle’s 90th birthday a few years ago – Irish coins due to the family’s Irish heritage. Sadly, last year John’s uncle passed, and whilst clearing the house, his cousin found this set and kindly gifted them back to John as a treasured memory.

Will’s display was two-part – firstly was a Silver proof set of four £1 coins of the Bridges series – these were a gift from his father to celebrate Will’s graduation as an engineer. Second was a silver proof New Zealand $1 from the Hobbit series depicting a mountain scene with Smaug the dragon – the mountain in the image is one that Will has done a lot of walking on during his time living in New Zealand!


Stuart’s display was a selection of Russian coins of Nikolai II – the last of the Romanovs. There were five silver one ruble coins and a gold five ruble. The gold coin was purchased from a pawnbroker in Reading, and a quick Google later they agreed that Stuart had made a very good purchase at approximately £100 below numismatic value!


Neil’s display was a medalet that had been dug up in a garden in St Germans in Cornwall. It celebrates the 1932 International Exhibition for Artist Photography in Lucerne. The obverse is a beautiful art deco script naming the event, the reverse a lake (Lake Lucerne?), and what Neil believes to be a telegraph pole (possibly signifying the ‘international-ness’ of the event) and a light house (unsure of the symbolism here!). A lovely art deco find for sure!

Gavin’s display was also in two parts – firstly an iron (possibly steel) advertising ticket for Best Value Cycle Co. of Coventry from circa 1913 when a bicycle could be purchased for £3-17-6 (about £430 in today’s money). The second piece appears at first glace to be a Henry II or III short-cross penny – however the reverse quickly dissipates this illusion with the legend “BRAINTREE CHARTER”! This was struck to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Market Charter of Braintree being signed in 1190 under Richard I.

Members thanked John, Will, Neil, Stuart and Gavin for their most interesting presentations.


Gavin devised the quiz – the winner being Neil with nine correct answers out of 20 questions. The answers to follow next month.


Gavin’s Quiz (answers in the next issue)

  1. When was BRITT.OMN dropped from British coins?

2.      What is a Bawbee?

3.      Give the English translation of S.R.I.A. T ET E. Clue: It is the abbreviation in Latin of one of George III’s titles

4.      Which Country uses Laris?

5.      What was the first country to own plant for coining by steam?

6.      What is the connection between the 18th Century surgeon William Hunter and Numismatics?

7.      When did New Zealand start to issue its own 1d and 2d?

8.      What is the French equivalent of Pfennig and Penny?

9.      Until what year were French titles and arms retained on English coins?

10.  Who modelled for St George on Pistrucci’s crowns of George III?

11.  Which British Monarch issued coins in 1510?

12.  Which modern English coins have a George and Dragon facing left on the reverse?

13.  What change was made to the florin after 1867?

14.  Name three towns issuing Civil War Siege Pieces in England.

15.  Which town used the mintmark D on French coins?

16.  A bust of a bare headed man appears on which modern British coins?

17.  When and where were “Hard Times Tokens” issued as temporary currency or political cartoons?

18.  Where have cents been used other than in USA and British colonies or former colonies?

19.  Which modern coin has a thrift plant on the reverse?

20.  Who issued coins with a VOC monogram?


Thank you once again to Gavin for setting a splendid quiz.


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Finally a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All Our Members.

Club Secretary.