December 24th 2020.

Upcoming club meetings:

Monday 4th January – 8pm.

·        Subject - This will be another ‘Zoom’ meeting, open to all members. We will  be having a talk from Peter as well as bringing members up to date with any developments.


November Meeting

The electronic ‘Zoom’ meeting was attended by nine members.


John informed everyone that being in tiers meant that there have been no changes and that future meetings will still be electronic till we get out ‘the other side’. Graham has had some interesting books in, including one on the Iconography of Early Anglo Saxon Coinage. It’s for sale if anyone is interested. There followed a discussion about the days of collecting when you needed a licence for gold coins. John then informed the members of the one piece of good news we have had, namely that the Abbey Baptist Church will not be putting up the rent next year! We have also had the latest copy of the BNJ and if anyone wants to get hold of it, let me know and we’ll arrange something.


If you have not joined in our Zoom sessions before, please do have a go. Its not difficult (ask any grandchild to help you) 😊. We believe it is important to keep the members of the club in touch with one another and this is a good way to do it. Meetings are currently limited to 40 minutes and only once a month so they shouldn’t take up too much of anyone’s time.


We were now treated to Gavin’s Christmas Quiz. The questions are below and in the PDF attachment, the answers will be in January’s newsletter. The winner of the quiz was Michael with eleven out of twenty, Graham was second with 9 and there was a tie for third place (John and Alastair) with eight. Well done Michael and thank you very much to Gavin (and Ann) for all the hard work they put into the quiz.


1)      Whose portrait is this?