June 22nd. 2018.

Upcoming club meetings:

Monday 2nd July.

·        Subject -  “Waterloo Medallion – its Interpretation and Why None Were Struck” by Mick Martin


Monday 3rd September.

Meetings are held at the Abbey Baptist Church, Abbey Square, commencing at 7.00 p.m.


Congratulations to Rachel and Chris on the birth of their daughter Annabel.


One of our members has some interesting coins that need a good home, if you are interested please get in touch with me and I will let him know:


Great War "keepsakes"

George V 1914 half of 6d and half of a 3d piece dated 1916.

Probably given to two soldiers with the Leicester regiment who had lived in Woodhouse Eaves, a village near Loughborough, Leics.


Annual General Meeting 2018


1 Apologies for absence – Rachel and Chris, Michael


2 – 2017 AGM minutes

Approved                                 proposed- Michael

                                                   seconded- Graham

3 Matters arising


4 Committee Reports (circulated with this Agenda):  Discussion Points

                   Acceptance of the reports - proposed ???seconded ???


Peter Hall explained the difficulties in arranging a Summer Social but pointed out that work was still in progress and will be reported on in the Newsletter (See Below).


5 Points Raised by Membership

                   No other points were raised.

6 Appointments of Officers (Committee, President, Vice President, Hon Auditor)

6.1) Election of Committee


a. Nominations from the floor – None

b. Nominations received prior to the AGM (Peter, John, John)


- Members to vote for the Committee  -proposed ??? -seconded ???

6.2) Elect Hon Auditor (Committee nominate Neil) – proposed Doug

seconded Henry

6.3) Elect President

Committee nominate Gavin – proposed John seconded Ian

6.4) Elect Vice Presidents

Committee nominate Henry –proposed  Michael seconded Graham

Committee nominated Mick - proposed  Michael seconded Graham


John Quinn thanked the retiring members, Ian and Derek for their hard work during the last season.



Neil proposed that a congratulation message should be sent to Rachel and Chris on the arrival of their daughter Annabel.


This concludes the formal business of the AGM


(Following the AGM the two elected vice-presidents agreed to come on to the committee, relinquishing their positions as vice-presidents)


Annual Display Competition


There were 6 entries:


1  Michael presented a newly acquired collection of pre 1815 French coins. There were silver and copper coins displayed on four trays starting from early medieval hammered coins through to large silver crown side coins.


2. Graham’s display of the Roman Empire; 14 Emperor’s Collection of Coins. This is housed in a hard wood case starting with Vespasian 69-79 AD through to Salonica 253-268 AD. Brought as displayed in the box with no set up time which is protected in its own case when Graham is on one of his talks.


3. Graham’s second display relating to the date 1666. A 2016 £2.00 coin depicts the great fire of London in 1666. In the same year the first cheddar cheese was made and the French & Dutch declared war on England. Also the halfpenny token of William Diston was issued at the White Hart Inn from Chipping Norton. Lastly Thomas Hunsdon, a weaver, issued his farthing token in Oxford.


4. Stuart presented his collection of Charles I Shillings.

Stuart talked about his visit to London on the Saturday before to buy his 1644 Bristol shilling, and also find his 1631/2 rose Mint Mark shilling ready for his display on Monday. He went on to talk about Thomas Bushall the manager of Charles I mines and that the Royalists retained control of the rich mines in Britain. Stuart finished by telling us about the milled issues coins from Charles I by Briot and their superior strike.








5. Neil displayed his Collection of yachting medals, mostly from France and England. He thought the French medals had better designs and the medals were also signed. There was also an Italian and Dutch medal. One English medal enamelled in six colours on bronze. Neil also had his own bronze medal that he had won at the Torbay international regatta.


6.  John played some audio clips from the mid 1990s after finding a box of old recordings at home. We listened to passed members talk and John asked if anyone could recognise the speaker. Only about half were recognised without visual clues.


This year, first place went to Stuart for the second time and he will take home the Michael Broome cup. Well done Stuart.


Summer Social

Please note that the Club is arranging a Summer Social in the City of London on Tuesday 7 August 2018.

The plan is to meet outside Bank Tube Station at 11.00 and visit the remains of the London Mithraeum, under the nearby Bloomberg building. Afterwards we will visit the Guildhall to see the remains of the Roman Amphitheatre (about 200 metres walking).

Later, it should be possible to visit the Bank of England’s Museum. Lunch will be fitted in somewhere between the visits. We will return via Bank Tube Station.

Anyone interested in the visits should email the Treasurer, see him at the next Club meeting. Partners are invited.



Be reminded that subscriptions are now due. It would be most appreciated if members yet to renew their subscription would please do so at the next meeting. Please see our treasurer Peter. Membership cards will be available for collection at the next meeting.


Future Events.

Past Events

In previous years, June has been the date for the AGM.


Club Secretary.