December 21st  2017.

Next club meeting Monday 7th January 2018.



·         Please let me or another committee member know if you wish to give a short talk.

·         Please continue thinking about Auction lots for March. All lots should be given to Ian, preferably at the January meeting or the February meeting at the very latest.


December Meeting


The December meeting was given over to our Christmas bash and thanks go to Mick and Henry for the buffet as well as to members who donated food. The turnout was very good and with many members having selling tables there were lots of coins to see and purchase. Also with no speaker this month there was ample opportunity for members to chat to each other.


One member brought along an item of interest, which mid way through the evening he spoke about for a few minutes.



Jawaid brought in a new coloured silver proof 50p with ‘The Snowman’ and a boy flying over Brighton pier released to celebrate its 40th anniversary of ‘The Snowman’ which he purchased from The Royal Mint for one of his daughters. Jawaid told us about the high demand for this coin that is sold out mid afternoon on the day of its release.


Gavin had produced another of his Devilish quizzes, hard enough to stop anyone getting them all right, but not so hard that anyone got them all wrong! This year’s winner (once again – that’s showing off) was Neil.


Xmas Dinner


As predicted last year, the December dinner was a return to the Cunning Man where 21 current and previous members and partners enjoyed a sumptuous meal, accompanied by fine wines and plenty of entertaining conversation. This event is now becoming a much looked forward to staple of our calendar. Well done to Peter for organizing such an excellent event and who would bet against it being a hat-trick next year?













Gavin’s Quiz (answers in the next issue)

  1. Reading was a Saxon mint town – true or false?
  2. Do 1949 British coins include the legend IND.IMP?

3.      Which British monarch issued coins in 1624?

4.      What is depicted on the reverse of the 1953 British crown?

5.      Which modern coins depict three acorns and oak leaves on the reverse?

6.      Silver half-crowns were issued by Philip and Mary – true or false?

7.      What does E below the bust denote on coins of Queen Anne?

8.      What are Doits

9.      What does “Decus and Tutamen” mean on the edge of large milled gold and silver coins?

10.  What was the contemporary name for the Irish halfpennies of 1766?

11.  When did the Gold Standard apply in the UK?

12.  When did a leek first appear on the UK coinage?

13.  In whose reign were the first official Maundy coins issued?

14.  Name two members of the Latin Monetary Union founded in 1865

15.  What coins were known as “Napoleons”?

16.  Reading issued Town halfpennies and farthings in the 17th century – true or false?

17.  Which English monarch issued coins in 1250?

18.  What 20th century British coin features St George and the Dragon facing left?

19.  Reading issued no 18th century trade tokens – true or false?

20.  Reading issued a silver shilling token dated 1811 – true or false?


Future Events.

Past Events

Finally a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All Our Members.


Club Secretary.