Next club meeting Monday 3rd April 2017.

       Subject - History of the Sovereign by Kevin Clancy

Monday 8th May 2017.

  • Subject - TBA by Chris Moore

Monday 5th June 2017.

  • Subject - Annual General Meeting and Display Competition


Meetings are held at the Abbey Baptist Church, Abbey Square, commencing at 7.00 p.m.



  • It is coming up to the time for the AGM and that means the election of a new committee. Please think about joining the committee because it is unfair to expect the same old(!) faces to keep doing everything every year.


March Meeting

The March meeting was given over to the Annual Auction. There were 199 lots. The auction raised 2,476.50. From this the club has benefitted by 257.55 in commission and donations.

Some highlights from the sale:


  • Lot 175 - 1831 Penny 150
  • Lot 99 - 1902 Matt Proof Maundy set 115
  • Lot 177 - 1909 Penny 105
  • Lot 176 - 1908 Penny 95
  • Lot 174 - 1807 Penny 90


Thank you to all the members who helped to run the auction so smoothly and successfully.

Remittance cheques are being posted to the vendors.


Future Events.

  • Bonhams sale, Knightsbridge 22nd March
  • Croydon Coin Auction 28th March
  • Spink Auctions, Southampton Row 28-30th March
  • Bloomsbury Coin Fair, Holiday Inn 1st April
  • Midland Coin Fair - National Motorcycle museum 9th April

Past Events

         In 2007 Michael Gouby spoke on The Development of Early Banknotes.

  • Twenty years ago, Graham Hornby talked on 'The Development of the Military Medal'.
  • This evening forty years ago Raymond Lax gave a talk on 'Siege Pieces of the Great Rebellion in England 1642-49'.

Club Secretary.