Upcoming club meetings:

Monday 4th July.

·        Subject -  “Medallions from the Female Perspective” by Francis Simmons


  • Summer trip to the Freemason’s Hall

Monday 5th September.

  • Coinage of William III By Ben Arthur.

Meetings are held at the Abbey Baptist Church, Abbey Square, commencing at 7.00 p.m.


Annual General Meeting 201


Apologies for absence – Dennis Dunkerton


Previous AGM minutes Accepted as written – Proposed Michael, Seconded – Tony


The annual report from the Committee Officers published in the May newsletter was not repeated. Instead just the points where the Committee required feedback, any member’s issues and the election of officers were covered


Committee Discussion Points
Mick outlined the speaker programme for the coming year, with the exception of February 2018 the programme is complete

Subscriptions to the club have been raised to £20 and there is no longer any distinction with regard to whether teas/coffees are taken. There was some discussion about this point, with various members pointing out that other clubs who have lower subs all tend to be subsidised in some way, for example by meeting in a pub, where the landlord provides a subsidy on the grounds that the members will be providing custom for the business.

1.       The reports were accepted by the membership – Proposed Neil, Seconded – Tony


Points raised by membership – no specific issues; current Committee are doing OK.


Election of Offices

There were two nominations for the committee from the floor Jawaid and Derek. Three members of the existing Committee stood on, hence for the first time in quite a while, the committee is up to five members, as it should be.  The membership then voted unanimously to accept the nominations for the committee (Proposed Tony, Seconded Graham). Mick was thanked for the contributions he has made to the club over a number of years of service on the committee, both as chairman and program secretary. Mention was also made of the work he put in arranging the Summer Socials as well as giving talks to the club.

Nominations by the Committee were accepted for President = Gavin, VP = Henry, Hon. Auditor = Neil. A further nomination was received from the floor by Neil to also appoint Mick as a vice president, which was seconded by John and then voted for unanimously.



John said that he was currently sending out both Word versions of the newsletters and PDF versions and that he felt that this was overkill and wanted to only send out PDFs in future. There were no objections.

Graham offered a vote of thanks to the committee for the work they had put in during the course of the year.


That concluded the Annual general meeting.


Annual Display Competition


There were 5 entries.


Tony presented his collection of hammered crowns, which he started in 1954. These were the silver crowns and not the very first crown, from the reign of Henry VIII which was in gold. The first example was the 1551 silver crown of Henry VIII, a Scottish Crown from James VI of Scotland/ I of England, Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I and Cromwell rounding off the set, the last hammered halfcrown being in 1656. Just to finish off with, Tony also had an example of the Irish Ormond crown.


Jawaid displayed a collection of high grade George I/II shillings. He had also brought along provenance for each of the coins, in the form of the catalogues from the sales they were bought at. There were examples of  four different George I types, all the different types for George II and a date run for the old bust.


Stuart had a display of Elizabeth I shillings, funded in part by a PPI payment! It was collected over 2-3 years and each coin was annotated with a short note detailing contemporary events from Elizabeth’s reign, including the introduction of the screw press, the death of Mary Queen of Scots, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and William Shakespeare’s exploits were all included in the supporting text.










Neil had put together a display of pub tokens displayed on a map of  Devon. Such tokens were in use between the 1850s and the 1920s. Generally they would have the name of the pub or its landlord and sometimes the town or street the pub was in. In all there are some 4-500 known, half of them for pubs in Exeter where there was a well known maker of tokens. In addition, Neil also had three temperance tokens for coffee shops and some for soup kitchens.





Chris & Rachel presented a display entitled ‘Law and Disorder’. This was to do with the big political changes that were taking place at the end of the 18th Century, American Independence, French revolution etc.. . Tokens were produced variously, because the Government did not have the money to provide sufficient coinage. One particular type are the ‘specious’ tokens, truly political tokens with moral statements on them, for example, “Industry is the source of content”. Perhaps the most famous one is an anti slavery one, “Am I not a man and a brother?”. A major producer of these tokens was Thomas Spence, who originated in the North-East, who was actually tried for sedititon. Members of the bar were known to advertise on the tokens, for example “Acquitted by his jury Counsel Hon. T. Irskine-Gibbs Esq. Even though such advertisements weren’t allowed. Throughout the presentation, Chris was wearing his roes and showed one particular feature, which was a strap hanging down the front, which was attached at the back to a purse. When a particular barrister felt he had said enough to warrant what he had been paid, then he would stop until he felt the weight of some more money going into the purse.

After this, the establishment began to fight back, issuing tokens, for example one proclaiming “The Wrongs of Man” and a picture of Thomas Paine hanging from a gibbet on the back. Finally he spoke about ‘evasion’ tokens. These were thinner and easier to produce, so made to ensure that you could not be prosecuted for passing counterfeit coin as these were clearly not coins.


This year, the first time for some time, we had a draw for first place and hence the Michael Broome Cup will be shared between Stuart and Rachel and Chris. Well done!



Be reminded that subscriptions are now due. It would be most appreciated if members yet to renew their subscription would please do so at the next meeting. Please see our treasurer Peter. Membership cards will be available for collection at the next meeting.


Future Events.

  • Bloomsbury Coin Fair, Holiday Inn – 1st July
  • Midland Coin Fair - National Motorcycle museum – 9th July
  • Bonhams Auction, Medals, Bonds, Banknotes And Coins, Knightsbridge – 12th July

Past Events

In previous years, June has been the date for the AGM.


Club Secretary.