May 21st. 2004.

Next club meeting Monday 7th June 2004

The AGM is the meeting where the officer's report the status of the club, the membership voice their concerns/ ideas and the officers are elected for the forthcoming year. On this latter point, each year the process of finding persons willing to stand for election seems to become more and more difficult. For most of this past year the committee has run with only four officers instead of the mandated five. Thus if any member is willing to stand for office please come forward and talk to the chairman (or any other member of the committee). Remember no officers = no club.

The second part of the evening will be devoted to the annual display competition, with the winner being awarded the Michael Broome Memorial Trophy for 1 year. The competition is open to all members and can cover any topic connected to numismatics. Remember, it is not necessarily the grandest coins that win. Quite mundane items are prime candidates to lift the prize when well presented in an interesting context. After members have reviewed each display and the entrant has given a short explanation (5 minutes maximum) the attending membership will cast their votes. The display with the most votes wins. All display entrants will be given a raffle ticket, the winning ticket to receive a bottle of wine. So to all members please have a go and enter a display.

Meetings are held at the Abbey Baptist Church, Abbey Square, commencing at 7.00 p.m.

May meeting.

Reading Coin Club MembersThe May meeting was an informal evening to commemorate the clubs 40th anniversary.

The evening opened with the chairman saying a few words to the 25 members in attendance. This was followed by the Secretary giving a brief summary of the history of Reading Coin club. Michael then organised one of his renowned quizzes. This year the format was based upon the television quiz show 15 to 1. The membership having been split into pairs began with 3 lives and answered questions in rotation. Each wrong answer resulted in loosing a life, until there were just 3 pairs left. At this point it became individuals answering questions to win points or loose a life until the eventual winner emerged. This was Gavin who received a bottle of wine. While the precise details of the questions cannot be recalled, other than they were mostly associated with British coins over the last 1000 years, one notable observation was that very few could recall the figures represented on the current English banknotes.

Thanks to Michael for putting together another good quiz.

The lucky winnersThe evening closed with a buffet kindly prepared by Kay (many thanks) and the raffle. The star prize, a 1964 sovereign, was won by Nick. The other prizes were Wine, Chocolates and a Seaby's that were won by Alistair, John, John and Nick.

40th Anniversary Dinner

The dinner will take place on the 12th June at the Crown, Playhatch. In order to make the logistics not too complicated the bill will be split equally among the attendees, who will be requested to pay on the night. It is proposed there be a 5 per head subsidy. The chairman will say a few words and confirm the numbers at the June Meeting - so that is the time to obtain more details/ ask any other questions.

Summer Social

The trip to the Royal Mint is confirmed for Friday, the 20th August. Any members wishing to partake should sign up at the June meeting. The times and transport are yet to be determined, as are the numbers the Mint can accommodate. The chairman will say a few words at the June meeting.

Future Events.

London Coin Fair at Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury - 5th June

Baldwins Auction at London Coin Fair - 5th June

London Coin Auction - 6th June

Baldwins Auction at the London Coin Fair - 7th June

Coin Fair. Sunday 13th June. National Motorbike Museum, Birmingham

Davidson Monk Coin Fair at the Commonwealth Institute 19th June

DNW Coin Auction Great Queen St. - 30th June

Past Events.

30 years ago Vincent West spoke on Ancient British coins with a display of coins from Reading Museum.

Ten years later Mr D Metcalf spoke on the somewhat complex topic of Crusader coins.

In 1992 a curator from Reading Museum talked about the reorganisation of exhibits and galleries at Reading Museum, and the introduction of computerisation.